Hello I’m Liz and welcome to my blog. Years ago I developed a passion for reading old handwritten letters. I find them in antique stores, garage sale bins, estate sales and wherever there is old stuff. I love to read the letters and imagine the people who wrote them. I believe letter writing is a lost art. Friday’s letter is a blog featuring one actual handwritten (or sometimes typed) letter posted every Friday. Along with the letter, I will include any background or history I have and a little commentary about each letter. I welcome your questions and comments. I’m a lover of History, and I think old letters tell the truth of what life was really like for the writers of these letter. Every letter is a voice from the past telling us a little about who they were and how they thought. I just try to find these letters and transcribe them, so that it’s a little easier to read them. I also research places and things mentioned in the letters and if I find something interesting I post a link. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.