Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone

Prelude: In honor of Memorial Day,  here is a letter from a military man, Corporal Don Roblie. It was written on September 17, 1945. The envelope is addressed to Mrs. Don Roblie of Sandusky, NY.  Corporal Roblie is somewhere overseas (The letter Via Air Mail) and based out of Camp Chaffee in Arkansas… I received this letter from an awesome antique store in Arcade, NY called Arcade Junction Vendor Co-op. Their motto is “A little bit of everything,” and they sure have a large selection to look at…

Please remember I try not to make spelling or grammar corrections and leave the letters as they were written, mistakes and all.



Hello Everyone,

Well guess it is about time I wrote again.  Expect you all wondering what going on down here. Well, I’m trying to also.

As you probably know, they are suppose to be releasing the 80 point men. As yet there hasn’t been much action on it.  A few men have been discharged from this post, one from the company.

Two of the boys of this camp go to reception stations tomorrow.  There are twenty more of us here in the company waiting to go.  But they seem plenty slow about getting us started.

I received your telegram saying Len had got home. That was good news. What is his time up? I should have my discharge before he goes back.

Want be able to get a furlough so will have to sweat out a discharge.

Did I tell you that I got a truck the day I arrived here?

Have been taking a PA system (Public Address) to the rifle ranges.  It’s a good job.  Set it up in the morning and take it down nights.  All we do is mount two speakers and the mike, the rest of it stays on the truck.  I fired one day. Made 160 out of possible 180.

Well, guess that about all for now.  Will you send $20 to me? Got paid since we got here, a $20 pay.  Still have my ration money comming.

Well, say good night for now.

As Always,


Len, are you married yet or are you going to wait until I get home?




It’s always interesting to read what a service man writes home about. Most of the letters are very vague because in WWII they had to be very careful in what they wrote in letters just in case the letter was intercepted by the enemy.  Don, seems like he’s ready to come home as I’m sure most of the soldiers were in September of 1945. Not long and the war will be over, Don. He does give us one clue as to where he is when he says “Going on down here.” I would guess that might mean the South Pacific rather than over in Europe, but it’s just a guess. What do you think?

Darling Franny

Darling Franny

Prelude:  Another (Early years) letter from Bern to Miss Frances Fairfield. This one was written on May 2, 1935.


Darling Franny,

May I call you “Franny?” I like it very much.  I received your letter this morning (thurs. P.M.) and was terribly glad to hear from you.  I really can’t tell you how much it was to hear from you.

Gosh! I’ve missed you so much. I never thought it would get me as much as it has.  I’ve been wondering and wondering when I’ll see you again.  I hope it’s soon because that won’t even be soon enough.

Don’t ever let the idea of “Wynne” bother you.  She’s a swell kid, but I really have nothing more than a friendly feeling towards her, because she has always lived so close by.

Gee! I wish you were going to be at the “Track Meet” tomorrow.  I’ll really miss you.

I suppose you wondered what had happened to the letter I sent you.  Did you notice it was torn? Well! I was fooling with Wynne and she tried to get it and she tore it.  At last I got it in a mailbox and sent it on its way.  She really didn’t mean to do it, but it happened and so it couldn’t be helped.  I never see her much anymore.  I guess I forgot about her after I met you.  I see Molly nearly every day and Tuesday she told me she got a letter from you, and I was wondering if I ever were going to hear from you, it seemed so long.

“Howie” Bennett would like to know if you know a girl by the name of Betty Kelly.  I don’t know why, but he did.  You can tell him the next time you see him.

Gee Sweets, I miss you an awful lot.  When I get home, I’ll look and see if I have a snapshot big enough, and good enough to give you.  I think all mine are small, but maybe I’ll have a bigger one later. Anyway, I’ll send at least one. That will be too much probably.

Say, pardon the red ink, the dirt and everything else. I’m trying to write on the study hall desk and I’m having a heck of a time.

Hope I see Ernie and Bannana tomorrow.  I wonder what they intend to do while at the meet. Let me know if you are coming soon. I can’t wait until I see you again.

It’s almost time for the bell to ring and so I’ll write the rest as soon as possible – probably last period.

Here I am back again, I’m going to write more dirt so hold on. Just imagine me writing as much as I am. Quite unusual, I assure you. I never used to write this much to anybody else I’ve ever wrote to.  I guess I’m in love.

Don’t ever worry about me letting you down because I’ve really fallen for the 1sttime, I guess.  My mother says I act like a crazy man the last few days because I was always accusing them of hiding your letter.  I expected it before today.

Thanks for the kind words. My home room teacher told me that it meant “I love you” is that right? I shall return the complement in French, Je vous aime! I hope you can read it.

Molly was telling me Sunday that she might be going down soon.  I expect to try to get there sooner.  I may come Sunday if it’s a nice day, but don’t hang around waiting for me, because I’ll find you if I come.

Do you have a phone? We had one until just a little while ago, but the fellows and girls were always calling Walt or I up and they did it all times of the night so that dad the phone taken out.

My grandfather’s name was Dennis. My uncle’s name is Tim. Now which one did your Mother & Father know? Dad remembered your dad if he was the “Fairfield” that was boss at one time either in the Clark-Norton shop, Kerr Turkino or Morre.  He didn’t tell me which.

Well! Sweets, there isn’t much more to say so I guess I better close.

Hoping to see you soon, I shall remember in my thought how nice you are. You really are the sweetest and finest girl I have met.

You probably think that I am writing a lot of silly nonsense. Maybe it sounds like it, but I mean everything I said. (Pardon the misspelled words. I just noticed some)

Again, pardon the red ink, because I always use it and the paper, because I couldn’t do any better here at school.

Please don’t forget the picture of yourself because I really want one awful bad.  Say “Hello” to Clair and give my regards to your family.

So, I close with what I hoped would be a swell letter, but what has become rather lengthy. “Stay as sweet as you are, for me.”

Je vous aime!



P.S. – Hoping won’t let me see you, but just the same. I’m hoping soon.



“Bern is in love, even in French, he’s in love! He’s using his study hall time to write to Fran and he’s not holding back. He’s fighting off Wynne, who tried to rip Fran’s letter out of his hand.  It’s all kind of comical and fun to read at the same time. I hope you enjoyed this letter as much as I did.

Dearest Fran (The early years) 2

Dearest Fran (The early years 2)

Prelude: We are still in a series of letters to Miss Frances Fairfield of Hornell, NY. These are (The early years when Fran was still in High school.) Again, this letter was written by someone named “Bern” from Wellsville, NY. The letter was written on June 11, 1935.


Dearest Fran,

Received your letter this morning and was awful glad to hear from you.  Hope you get this before Wednesday evening. As yet Louie says he thinks it will be impossible to get there.  He might change his mind. I hope so.  I don’t know whether I can get there or not.  We just learned that they intend to hold school over until Thursday afternoon at 3 and so I don’t imagine we’ll be able to get down until Friday.  I have an exam Friday afternoon and so I might not get there then.

What the heck is Freida’s relation? I know nearly everybody in Wellsville and maybe her relations aren’t exactly friends of mine. I hope they are.  Please come Fran and we can have a swell time together.  I hope Bud plays a sport and doesn’t do me dirt and run out on me.  Even if he does we’ll get somebody nice to date Freida.

You darn old devil, you know when you hit me from behind when we were playing ball.  Well! My back has been out of place ever since! You’d think I was an old man.

Fran sweets.  I want to ask something of you that I shouldn’t, but I just can’t help it. I want you to promise me that you will never date a Wellsville fellow as long as I am going with you, accept Louie or Bud. Will you do this for me? I know it isn’t just the thing to ask, but Fran, It’s because of the fact that every time I go to see a girl, everybody else follows me.  Then they bust in and bust me up and then after a little while they quit going with the girl and a friendship is lost just because of a couple of mugs who want to bust up a nice, good to get along with couple.  So, you see Fran, It’s because of these and other things, I ask you to do this for me, as it will mean a lot to me and I’ll know that our friendship will never be broken.

Betty Doty, a girl from Wellsville, is going to stay with “Bobby” Stevens this weekend.  I imagine it will spoil a good time for Louie and Mandy if they go.

Of course, if by any chance, you fall for a Wellsville fellow, don’t be afraid to let me know then.  Then is the time to drop out and we can still continue our friendship.

Have some work to do now, so I’ll close.  Hope to see you soon (Not soon enough).

(Don’t ever let on any more how I used to feel and you used to get sick of it.) ( I still feel the same, honest!)




COMMENTARY:  Well “Bern” is quite a character! My guess is that Fran once went out with him and it didn’t work out, now they are just friends. But “Bern” would like more of a relationship.  I don’t know why he puts his name in parenthesis, but he always does it. Ahhh… to be young and living in 1935… It’s interesting how he relates to her through his letters, asking her to not date others from his town, accept Louie and Bud of course. It’s all kind of funny and kind of weird too. What do you think?

Dearest Fran (The early years 1)

Dearest Fran (The Early Years 1)

Prelude: We continue in the series of letters I have from Bern in Wellsville to Miss Frances Fairfield of Hornell. All these letters are from 1935, when Fran was in Highschool. This one was written on May 23, 1935.



Dearest Fran,

Received your letter this morning and was very glad to hear from you. It seems like months in between the times I see you when it is only weeks. I wish I were closer still.  Bud and I may be up Saturday afternoon. That is if I don’t go to the Stueben County track meet with the coach. He asked me, but I’d rather be with you, but I’m making a pest of myself coming so often.

Ray went up last nite, and I missed him. Here’s how it was. I and Bud were in a track meet (good English) and I got home before he did. So, I started to call him up to see if he wanted to go. I couldn’t get him until almost a half an hour later.  Finally, after getting him and he couldn’t go. I started for home on the run to change my clothes. Just as I came out the front door, he went by and I hollered at him, but he didn’t see me so I missed him. Better luck next time I hope. So, I went to the show all by my lonesome.  I was talking to Mollie this afternoon and she said to ask you when you’re going to bring those things. I hope soon. Why not Friday evening or sooner.

Gee sweets, I miss you a lot.  Honest I do. Gee, I’m sorry the pictures turned out lousy. I bet you’re holding back on me on your pictures. Be a sport and decorate the mahogany. (hand)

Gee sweets, you never say anything anymore. You used to tell me if you liked me or not, but not anymore. Am I getting to be a pest? Gee sweets, if I am let me know, so I can quit bothering you. And another thing, I’m sorry if I sounded rude about your falling for Bud. I wouldn’t blame you, he’s a swell kid and I’m a punk. Don’t act right or anything accept get jealous as far as you’re concerned. Please accept my apology for being so rude.

Fran sweetest, promise you’ll tell me if you ever get sick of me.  Don’t make me hang around and make a fool of myself. I shall always love you no matter what happens.  So, as my sweetest friend at present, I want you to give me the sign when you get sick of me.

More love than ever before


P.S. Write soon– (no matter how soon, it won’t be soon enough!)

Ernie was here last nite and had a long talk with him.


COMMENTARY: Young love…Young, adolescent, insecure love! It’s so interesting to see how people related in the 1930’s. It’s really not much different than today. Oh, some of the words we use have changed, but the sentiment is the same. “Gee sweets,” is a favorite line of mine. Maybe I’ll start referring to my husband that way. What do you think?