Dear Friend Ed

Dear Friend Ed


This letter was written on August 26th in 1932. It was written by (aunt) Susie to her dear friend Ed. I don’t have an envelope, so I am not sure where the letter is from or where Ed lives. But Susie may live near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania if the Park that is mentioned is the one that I found near there.




Dear Friend Ed,                                                         August 26, 1932


Got your letter to-day, it is awful hot, 91 in the shade and in the sun 120 degrees, some heat!

Mother and I was down town Thursday at a show, it was real good to all talking picture in the day ‘till after 6P.M. it is 15 cents, a lovely theatre.

Bessie, Charlie and the children was down last night, they are all well. Bessie and the children went to a picnic at Kennywood Park to-day. Charlie is at work.

Mother’s Birthday is to-day, she is 70 years old. Roy and our Clyde will be 32 yrs., the first of September. Dad’s is the 4th, he will be 75 years and mine is the 18th of September, I will be 50 yrs., getting pretty old Ed.

Our Ed, my Brother is getting along good now, he was up Monday. He looks pretty good, will be a while before he is real strong yet.

I am sending these flower seeds, tell Thora to plant them now for they come up every year. They are lovely too. We have pink, red, and white ones, they don’t bloom until they are 2 years planted. But, they are no bother once you have them in and they grow up, they bloom every summer.

Well, what did you think about Clara’s Mother sending her and Kline some money because he don’t have much work? Aunt Lizzie said they was up against it, not having much work. That is her own fault, she ought to be living with a good man like you was to her. She was well off to have you.


Love your Aunt, Uncle,


Suzie, Roy.





Well needless to say, Aunt Susie had some grammar choices that make this letter interesting to read and a little hard to follow. She also randomly capitalized letters and used very little punctuation, as well as writing along the edges when she ran out of room.

Regardless of the grammar and such, she talks about her family and happenings of daily life. She mentions a 15-cent movie, picnics, work and birthdays.

It’s all very mundane, until we get to the end and we find out about Clara and Kline.  Clara, who is now with Kline had some kind of connection to Ed. Maybe and old flame, or even wife, but at some point she chose to be with Kline and poor Ed is left out of the equation. At least that is how Aunt Susie sees it.

Oh the intrigue of it all, people living their lives and telling it how they see it. Everyone has an opinion.  I wonder how it would have been said today? It most likely would have been a post on Facebook, and probably not a very nice one.




I searched the internet for Kennywood Park and found one in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that was established in 1898. Here is a link to the history of the park:


I also found this picture of a sign talking about the park:




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