Fran Darling


Prelude: Here is another letter to Miss Frances Fairfield from Bob, the postmark on this letter is Rochester, NY and it was written in 1938. I’m not positive that this is the same Bob as the first Bob, because the first letter was typed and this one is handwritten.




Fran Darling,                                                              Wednesday nite


It was swell of you to come up tonight and to bring mom. Gosh! I have an awful feeling that I’m such a disappointment to you. I Know I haven’t acted as I should but I do wish I could. I feel so very inadequate, incompetent etc.… I can’t think of anything else and I’m always sitting with my head in my hands, which is no way for a new employee to act.

I just hooked my radio up and it doesn’t work very well.

Gosh Fran, you love me don’t you? I hope so because I’ve a feeling that we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together.

$20 isn’t very much is it? $80 a month, $40 to eat, $25 rent, $15 clothes and incidentals. Gosh, that seems reasonable, maybe not, but I’d be willing to risk it if you would. Lots of fellows live on less. LETS?

I regret not having lived up to your expectations and probably were it not compulsory you’d have nothing to do with me. Can’t say as I blame you. I’ve known all along that I was beneath you in courage and everything in that line, but these are things that can’t be denied and that is that.

I love you, but that’s not much consolation now for you is it? They’re playing Serenade to a Mule; remember the night we saw that in Wayland? Well darling thanks again for coming and I love you.




Wow! Bob is feeling unworthy. Poor Bob pouring his heart out and feeling very inadequate for Miss Fran. I wonder how that visit went and what really happened. Whatever happened, Bob felt the need to sit down and write a letter right away, as in that night. I wonder if he really is that down on himself or if he is playing the sympathy card.

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