Dear Fran (1)


Prelude: Here is another letter to Miss Frances Fairfield of Hornell, NY. This one is going back a few years before everything with Bob. It is from someone named Bern, which I believe is short for Bernie. The letter is postmarked from Wellsville, NY and is on an envelope that has a pre-printed name and address of Fred Short, Dykes Street, Wellsville, NY. but it also has a handwritten address on the back of the envelope of 126 Dyke Street, Wellsville, NY.


Dear Fran:

I just received your letter and decided to answer right back. Pardon the envelope and writing paper, but it’s the best I could do for just this time. Of course, I had to hurry and answer right back.

Yes, we got a ride home about 11 the other night with a lady by the name of Miss Dean, a Hornell girl who is a Dietrician at the hospital. I hope that is the way you spell the name of a person who is in charge of diets.

You kids were swell singing. Honest I thought you were very good. I laughed when I seen you chewing your gum about 50 miles an hour. You looked awful nervous. This isn’t a slam. It was just the way you acted as if you were scared stiff. Do you get that way? Does it make you nervous before a crowd?

I really have changed my mind about How’y. He acts like a swell guy. I wish you luck Fran, honest I do.

Hope you are a graduate next year if you wish it so. I don’t want to graduate. I’m having too much fun. Gosh, will it be lonesome after I get out.

Forget about thanking us. We had a swell time and didn’t even notice that you forgot it! Wish I could have many more as pleasant Sundays.

Fran, I really don’t want my pin back if you want it. I’d rather you have it than anyone I know, but that Sunday that you said How’y had it made me feel funny. So, I keep harping on it and I don’t mean what I say. I promise that I won’t say anymore about it. It’s entirely up to you weather you want it or not.

Hope you can come down some time this week.

Well I guess I better sign off and see if I can get this to the mailman before he gets back down the street.

Loads of Love,



I originally thought this letter was from a girlfriend of Fran’s, but now that I have re-read this one and another one I have from Bern to Fran, I don’t think that it is, I think Bern is a guy. It seems that Fran wrote him a letter first, but he sure wanted to get it answered back fast. It sounds to me like they might be in high school. It’s all a little confusing and had I known or believed that Bern was I man, I would have posted his letters sooner. So that Fran’s suitors would be in date order, but it’s too late now. I will post Bern’s other letter next week and you will see who Bern is to Fran.


There is no 126 Dyke Street, Hornell, NY on Google maps. There’s not even a Dyke street listed.

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