Dearest Fran

Dearest Fran

A Special Note to my Friday’s Letter readers…

I’m so sorry that I was unable to post this letter on Friday. My computer crashed and it took me a couple days to get a new one and recover some of my data. I really appreciate you taking the time to read these letters with me. Sometimes, with all the technology around us all day long, it’s nice to escape into the words of the past. Precious words written by people just like us, accept they had to wait days, and sometimes weeks for their correspondent to reply. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this week’s letter.

Prelude: The letters between Bob and Miss Frances Fairfield continue. Our last letter was from October 1935. This letter is from May 1938. Bob is now in Brooklyn, NY and as he types this letter you can feel the stress of a long-distance relationship creeping in.



Dearest Fran,

Well, I guess I got no girl anymore have I ??  –Hope there is nothing wrong—I know just how you feel when I don’t write now—I thought for sure there would be a letter today but alas—you must be awfully busy—well I am too—So, I guess I can excuse you this once but—I hope that I hear from you Monday—You haven’t gone and gotten yourself another guy have you?  I mean gotten serious about one—I know that if I were to worry about all of your other guys, I wouldn’t have much time to do work—I don’t know yet whether I’m coming home or not.  I’d like to but if things keep up as they have been—I don’t suppose you’d be able to find much time for me—Ain’t I being mean—Well, there’s nothing new—except Arny got a job in New York and he starts Monday.  I don’t know whether it’s permanent or not but he’s taking it for a little while anyway—A few others have them too, but I haven’t been doing any looking for them as it would be just my luck to find one that would stick me here all summer when I want to be with you—So, I’m just minding my own business and going to school.

Donald was over tonight, in fact he just went home and as usual he’s telling me what he’d done last night- unquote—I stayed up until four this morning doing some work and fooling around just to see the eclipse – unquote —Did you see it? Well, I did and it was swell and all I could think of was you and me sitting in the car at the top of the hill watching the moon slide through that big tree—But I’m determined I couldn’t be a-thinking of ya and the moon and me when you don’t even write to me—and so, I stricken you from my thoughts and went back to work and finally to bed—Where I did allow myself my usual quota of thoughts of you and they were as swell as ever—but I don’t suppose you ever have time to do a little wondering my way—but I mustn’t be too harsh with you cause I lovey you regardless of how often you write and all that—Well I gotta fo for now and so I’ll quit.  I love you darling more than ever so please write me soon.


COMMENTARY: Well, Bob is sure in love and he’s a bit romantic too. We can tell he’s a bit worried that Fran has found someone else.  We also find out that Bob is going to school in Brooklyn. I looked up the address he posted and I the nearest school I found was Pratt Institute. It was established in the 1800’s and was still there and offering 4 year degrees by 1938. (see link below) I also looked up the eclipse Bob mentions and found that it was a lunar eclipse. (see link below) All in all I really enjoyed this letter from Bob. You can read between the lines and see how much he is in love with Fran, and knowing that, just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside…What do you think?



Here is a link to Pratt Institute:

Here is a link about the eclipse:



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