Hello Ray

Hello Ray

Prelude: Here is a short, second postcard I have from Private Harold Sisson a soldier in training in Illinois in 1942. The letter is written to a Raymond Sisson, in Almond, NY.



Hello Ray,                                                                                Sat. p.m.

Just passing the time away, until I go to school tonight.  Schedules is changed so I have to go to school on Sat. night, have Sun. night off. Received a letter from Luela today.  We actually got paid yesterday. Got $53 after deductions were taken out.

Been warm and rainy here the past few days.  Have been sleeping pretty good this week. Getting used to it.

As usual,



COMMENTARY: Harold seems like a typical soldier in training to me. He’s just letting his hometown folks know what is going on. I wonder if his pay of $53.00 was for a week or two weeks or more? 1942 was only a year into the war for America and Harold was getting some kind of special training before being deployed. The life of an American soldier in 1942.

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