Dearest Fran (The early years 1)

Dearest Fran (The Early Years 1)

Prelude: We continue in the series of letters I have from Bern in Wellsville to Miss Frances Fairfield of Hornell. All these letters are from 1935, when Fran was in Highschool. This one was written on May 23, 1935.



Dearest Fran,

Received your letter this morning and was very glad to hear from you. It seems like months in between the times I see you when it is only weeks. I wish I were closer still.  Bud and I may be up Saturday afternoon. That is if I don’t go to the Stueben County track meet with the coach. He asked me, but I’d rather be with you, but I’m making a pest of myself coming so often.

Ray went up last nite, and I missed him. Here’s how it was. I and Bud were in a track meet (good English) and I got home before he did. So, I started to call him up to see if he wanted to go. I couldn’t get him until almost a half an hour later.  Finally, after getting him and he couldn’t go. I started for home on the run to change my clothes. Just as I came out the front door, he went by and I hollered at him, but he didn’t see me so I missed him. Better luck next time I hope. So, I went to the show all by my lonesome.  I was talking to Mollie this afternoon and she said to ask you when you’re going to bring those things. I hope soon. Why not Friday evening or sooner.

Gee sweets, I miss you a lot.  Honest I do. Gee, I’m sorry the pictures turned out lousy. I bet you’re holding back on me on your pictures. Be a sport and decorate the mahogany. (hand)

Gee sweets, you never say anything anymore. You used to tell me if you liked me or not, but not anymore. Am I getting to be a pest? Gee sweets, if I am let me know, so I can quit bothering you. And another thing, I’m sorry if I sounded rude about your falling for Bud. I wouldn’t blame you, he’s a swell kid and I’m a punk. Don’t act right or anything accept get jealous as far as you’re concerned. Please accept my apology for being so rude.

Fran sweetest, promise you’ll tell me if you ever get sick of me.  Don’t make me hang around and make a fool of myself. I shall always love you no matter what happens.  So, as my sweetest friend at present, I want you to give me the sign when you get sick of me.

More love than ever before


P.S. Write soon– (no matter how soon, it won’t be soon enough!)

Ernie was here last nite and had a long talk with him.


COMMENTARY: Young love…Young, adolescent, insecure love! It’s so interesting to see how people related in the 1930’s. It’s really not much different than today. Oh, some of the words we use have changed, but the sentiment is the same. “Gee sweets,” is a favorite line of mine. Maybe I’ll start referring to my husband that way. What do you think?

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