Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone

Prelude: In honor of Memorial Day,  here is a letter from a military man, Corporal Don Roblie. It was written on September 17, 1945. The envelope is addressed to Mrs. Don Roblie of Sandusky, NY.  Corporal Roblie is somewhere overseas (The letter Via Air Mail) and based out of Camp Chaffee in Arkansas… I received this letter from an awesome antique store in Arcade, NY called Arcade Junction Vendor Co-op. Their motto is “A little bit of everything,” and they sure have a large selection to look at…

Please remember I try not to make spelling or grammar corrections and leave the letters as they were written, mistakes and all.



Hello Everyone,

Well guess it is about time I wrote again.  Expect you all wondering what going on down here. Well, I’m trying to also.

As you probably know, they are suppose to be releasing the 80 point men. As yet there hasn’t been much action on it.  A few men have been discharged from this post, one from the company.

Two of the boys of this camp go to reception stations tomorrow.  There are twenty more of us here in the company waiting to go.  But they seem plenty slow about getting us started.

I received your telegram saying Len had got home. That was good news. What is his time up? I should have my discharge before he goes back.

Want be able to get a furlough so will have to sweat out a discharge.

Did I tell you that I got a truck the day I arrived here?

Have been taking a PA system (Public Address) to the rifle ranges.  It’s a good job.  Set it up in the morning and take it down nights.  All we do is mount two speakers and the mike, the rest of it stays on the truck.  I fired one day. Made 160 out of possible 180.

Well, guess that about all for now.  Will you send $20 to me? Got paid since we got here, a $20 pay.  Still have my ration money comming.

Well, say good night for now.

As Always,


Len, are you married yet or are you going to wait until I get home?




It’s always interesting to read what a service man writes home about. Most of the letters are very vague because in WWII they had to be very careful in what they wrote in letters just in case the letter was intercepted by the enemy.  Don, seems like he’s ready to come home as I’m sure most of the soldiers were in September of 1945. Not long and the war will be over, Don. He does give us one clue as to where he is when he says “Going on down here.” I would guess that might mean the South Pacific rather than over in Europe, but it’s just a guess. What do you think?

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