Summer Postcards (1950’s & 60’s)

Post cards Local

Prelude: In celebration of warmer weather and vacations, here are some local postcards that were sent in 1961 and 1950. The first one is of the Syracuse Airport Inn. The second one is of Onondaga Lake Park. The third one is of Independence Hall and The Commodore Barry Monument.



Syracuse Airport Inn- To Mrs. Marie Miller of Niagara Falls, NY

It is so nice to get away even if only for just a day or two.  We do hope you are feeling better after your fall. Hope to see you later this week.

Best Wishes

Harriet & Ken


Onondaga Lake Park – Sulita Roe of Landor, NY

Dear Mrs. Roe,

Just a few lines to let you know we got home ok. I had a nice Mother’s Day. Coming home Monday. Mable says hello.



Independence Hall and Commodore Barry Monument – Grace Bruehl ..??

Dear Grace,

We arrived ok last week, weather wonderful. It is hot this week 94 today. We are not suffering. Atlantic City and Ocean City yesterday.

Lots of love




Two of these postcards are pictures in the Syracuse, NY area and one is in Philadelphia. Not real exciting stuff, but we take for granted how easy travel is now even compared to the 1950’s and 1960’s… It seems like people took more local vacations back then than they do today. What do you think?




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