This letter was written on January 3rd in 1949 from Barbara in Cummington, Massachusetts to her boyfriend Alan who is stationed at Fort Dix, in New Jersey.



Darling,                                        January 3, 1949


I’m here again. I still love you very much, – awful Muchly!

I forgot to tell you in the letter I wrote this afternoon that Leon and Jeannette Dufrane have adopted a little girl. No,

I take that back, she is a State girl, so they didn’t adopt her. The state finances her. Good way to have children, huh. Darling, you don’t have to pay for their clothes etc… Heck, I want our own! Anyway, the child is 2 years old and her name is Elizabeth, they call her Betty.

My throat is still sore, darn it. It will or should be O.K. by next weekend though, better be anyway.

Tomorrow night I share the bulletin.   This time and from now on, I put it together, type it and mimeograph it. Want to help me? I wish you could! In more ways than one!!

Right now, at 7:00, I have my pajamas & housecoat on. I’m tired. How about you?

I went up to Mildred Hamlin and bought my Mother’s birthday present – a pair of earrings, notepaper and writing paper. How does that sound?

How is Haines? Did he live through the weekend?

Darling, don’t forget the carton of cigarettes.


All my love always,

My Darling,

Yours always,


P.S. A million kisses!




Oh Barbara, this interesting letter you wrote has me a bit baffled, awfully muchly! You cover a range of subjects and your comments about little Betty are a bit disconcerting! The foster system in Massachusetts was established in the late 1800’s and Barbara talks about it like it’s a baby store where you pick up a baby and don’t have to pay for it. Hmmm. It just doesn’t sound too kosher too me. I’m also a little confused about what the bulletin is for. Anyone?? All and all, the language Barbara uses seems to be typical to the time period. Her Letter is a little glimpse into the time just a few years after the end of World War II.



I looked up the machine she mentioned, a mimeograph and it is defined as: a duplicating machine that produces copies from a stencil, now superseded by the photocopier.

 I looked up her town in Massachusetts. Here is a link to Cummington, MA: http://www.cummington-ma.gov





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