Hello C.J.



Someone named Jap wrote this letter, or at least that is how he signed his name. I don’t have a confirmed date for when this letter was written, but I acquired it in a batch of papers that were dated 1932. Jap is from Erie, PA and writes to someone he addresses as C.J. (Chet, Chester)



Hello C.J.,

How are you, and all the folks I know. I am having a fine time here in Erie. Wished you were here.

I am working for the G.C. Murphy Co. 5 and 10 store. – The largest in Erie, 33 departments. I am a stock mgr. , good job, and good pay. I don’t have much to do but keep account and invoices and have charge of the cost department. Easy money.

Well how is Y.tt.s., can it get along with out me? Have you played football any more?

When you write, I want you to tell me all the news of Youngsville and vicinity.

Tell Bob Thompson that I ran across his friend Helen Pilgrim, some kid!

Say Chet I wished you would go to Robert L. Mead and get some pictures for me. I left some there to be printed before I left for here and I haven’t got them. Will you please get them and send them up to me and I will make it square with you.

Did you ever get any pictures of the football squad?

Well Chester, if you are ever in Erie be sure to look me up and I will show you a good time. I will take you around the city.

Well, it is getting nearly two o’clock (2a.m.) and I guess I will hang up.

Now don’t forget to answer soon and tell me all the news. Give my love to all.


Your old Chum


148 East 8th Street

Erie, Pa.


P.S. The post office is still open , tell the fellows. And I get mail at the above address.

Jap Shaw




Well, Jap is quite the character. He’s moved to the big city of Erie, Pa. and got a great job. Which for the 1930’s , it was really good work and “easy money” as Jap would put it. I’m clueless to what he meant about “Y.tt. s.” Maybe it was an old job or letters that stood for something or someone…. Oh and then there’s what he says about Bob Thompson’s friend Helen. “Some kid!” I love that expression, it’s just so 1930ish.  I also love how he says it’s getting late and he’s going to hang up, like it was a phone conversation. This was a fun and honest letter from friend to friend and I think it’s heart-warming.



I looked up the store he worked for and it was in business for 80 years and had several locations in Pennsylvania. Here is a link to the history of the store: http://www.murphymemories.com/history.html

I also looked up Youngsville, I assumed it was in Pennsylvania but it could have been somewhere else. Here is a couple links to Youngsville: http://www.youngsvillepa.org





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