Summer Postcards

Summer Postcards

Prelude: In honor of summer, this week I am posting a few vacation post cards. The first one is from Aunt Thelma to Kathleen. It was written in 1956 and sent from Paris, France to Buffalo, NY. The second is from Dorothy to Master & Miss Simonds. It was written in 1962 and is from Costa Brava, Spain to Huntington Station, Long Island, NY. The third is from Jim to Robina & Bob Taylor. It was written in 1975 from Arizona & New Mexico to Eggertsville, NY. The fourth is from Charlie & Marg to the Thomas’s. It was written in 1961 from Alexandria Bay, NY to Youngstown, OH.




Dear Kathleen,                                              8/23/56

I went to the top of the Eiffel Tower, which is on the picture, and it was fun.

Hope you write me often as I miss you very much. Take good care of Grandma and Grandpa for me.


Aunt Thelma



I am having a very enjoyable holiday here at Castelldefels. The weather on the whole has been fairly warm and sunny. On Palm Sunday I visited Montserrat, a sight well worth seeing. I have also visited the sights of Barcelona but I have not been to a bullfight as one is suppose to have an escort. Shall write to you soon.

From- Dorothy




Had a beautiful ride today across Arizona & N.M.. Last night had a excellent Mexican dinner, so good I could still taste it this morning. I drop off a piano tomorrow, in El Paso, then Houston, N. Orleans & Atlanta. I see the Sabres have really been scoring lately. Thanks so much for having Diana and I for the Chicago game. We both enjoyed it very much. Lockport Sabres Fans were very envious of our seats.

Love always




This is lovely country up here. Going to Alexandria Bay tomorrow & take a boat ride. Weather fine.

Charlie & Marg



What can we say, these people are on vacation and we only see a little bit of their experience. It’s interesting to read what they wrote and what impressed them in their travels. People are people and the little bit of humor Jim adds to his card about his Mexican meal is fun. Dorothy gives us little more information about her travels. Aunt Kathleen basically wants to be written back to and Charlie & Marg give us only a sentence. Everyone is traveling so what can we expect. Sending postcards and collecting them was once very popular. These four give us a little insight to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s of Postcard writing.




The Eiffel Tower – Here is a link:

Castelldefels – Here is a link:

Montserrat – Here is a link:

Barcelona – Here is a link:

Alexandria Bay – Here is a link:





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