Dear Sister and Brother

fullsizeoutput_1cbdPrelude: This letter is written on February 8, 1939 from Mary who lives in Miami, Florida to her sister and brother who live in Cabot, Pennsylvania. It’s written on a letterhead titled Miami Edison Sr. High School.


Dear Sister and Brother,

Well, I am going to write a few lines now before going to bed. It is very warm, we have all the doors and windows open and I am moping my brow. Jo-Jo is under the table panting. He is so warm but still has ear & throat trouble & stomache is not so good, he gets a teaspoon of stomache med. 3 times a day, nose drops & ear drops. Have been taking him to the veterinary every 10 days, will have another trip next Sat.

Ida taught today and is reading. Pearl came off of her case yesterday, had an appointment with the Dentist this P.M. at 3 o’clock, had X-ray taken, got a temporary filling put in one and a front tooth filled and built up. She fell and broke a piece off about 6 weeks ago. Now she has quite a lot of pain. Mae came home sick from school, is vomiting & Pearl is looking after her. I just filled a hot water bottle with ice cubes for her head.

I was with Pearl downtown today, then went to the store and got supper that is all we did today. I went to the Drs. yesterday, my blood pressure is up & was there a week ago, am to go next Tues. again & that takes about all day as a person must wait so long. The Dr. is so busy now, last week I sat in the office over an hr. and that long again yesterday. He has 2 or 3 little rooms where he can put the patients in & his office where I go & a lot in the waiting room. I told Ida I must wait so long every Tues. I am going to take some sewing along.

Pearl registered again this eve., so she is on call now & may be called any time, they are very busy at the Hospital. When Ida & I would go to get her every thing would be full of cars and we could scarcely get a place to park.

The Dr. said to Pearl, I might have a stroke anytime, so Emma watch your starches, cut out potatoes & white bread.

Mae had P.T.A. at her school last night so had the extra trip last night & that was too much for her.

Well Wilmer, I suppose or hope you got some relief while you were at the Hospital, suppose you are at home now, as your last card stated you would be going home. How is the new calf coming along?

I see by the report in the paper that Ohio and West Virginia were flooded again. How is the weather? I see reports of plenty of snow. Ida P. must be snowed-in as I have not heard from her as we were there before Xmas. I was in bed off & on a few days last week. I got dizzy & sick by times.

If nothing happens tomorrow, I will try and get a box off to you tomorrow if possible, am sending those high blood pressure pills, also the shaning soap that came the next day after I sent that other box.

Thursday a.m. Mae is not able to go to teach today, seems quite sick, her hands and face are swollen has a lot of pain in her face & cold. Ida has been decorating & taking med., has a terrible cold. Pearl is reading the morning paper. When Ida comes back from getting gas, she is taking Pearl to get her ankle attended to at Coral Gabels.

Emma, watch your weight so you can come down and so you don’t get a stroke.

I just finished packing the box so they can take it to the P.O. The flower that has a star shaped flower is like the Cacti plant I gave Ida last fall. The red flower is a hybiscus and they are full a row beside the house.

I have not heard from Merl for a while suppose he is waiting until he has the trip down to see me. I must close now and try to sew a little today.

Write soon. Love



P.S. I enclosed a few cheap cards I was going to send them to you at Aspinwall so, you send them to some places if you wish. You can give that sample of shaning C. & a few pencils to Harvey if you care too. Let me know if you get the adhesive tape, as I put it in after the box was wrapped.



Wow! Don’t even know where to start with this letter. Mary is all over the place and on top of that everyone is sick. Mary is the queen of run-on sentences, abbreviations, and no punctuation, but besides all that she could have a stroke at anytime. She sure does mention several people too; Ida, Pearl, Mae, Merl and Jo Jo the dog, (I’m guessing he’s a dog because he was panting and I don’t think cats pant.) Then there’s Emma and Wilmer, or Harvey which I think might be the names of the sister and brother. What do you think? Overall, an interesting letter, it makes you think a little about our medical system of today compared to 1939. I hope Mary never had a stroke.



Here is a little history of the high school on the letterhead:




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