Hello there (3)




Here is another letter from Young Hank. He is a soldier on active duty somewhere in Italy during WWII. This letter is written on February 14, 1944 to Mr. & Mrs. Frank Fairfield of Hornell, NY.



Italy                                                                Feb. 14, 44


Hello there,

I received your letters but haven’t had the chance to write. I’m sure you understand how it is and don’t mind. Thanks a million for writing. It’s really nice getting them even if I can’t get around to answer them.

Right at the present time Little Hank is having a pretty good time. They gave us a little time off so we were doing a little sight seeing. Of course we have a drink now and then to make the sights look better. I don’t think anyone minds us having one now and then. Do you?

Five of us fellows are doing all right, just the same. We’re all feeling fine and hope you all are the same. How is Mr. feeling these days? Tell him I said hello and not to work too hard. Tomorrow’s another day, and is it?

The weather isn’t too bad. It’s a little cool but what can you expect this time of the year.

Thanks again for the letters. Sorry this isn’t more interesting. I’ll tell you all about it when I get home. I mean the good times we had. Good luck and be care full.


As Ever

Young Hank



Hmmm. This letter from Young Hank is a little strange. It’s kind of a letter about nothing. In fact, he apologizes for it being so un-interesting. I wonder as I read between the lines if Hank is just trying not to say anything revealing that could hinder the war effort or if he was a little drunk when he wrote it. He insists that everything is fine, but he is in the middle of a war. It could be just what he needs to say to get thru the day and the hardships of being far from home and in a foreign country fighting a war. What do you think? Let me know.

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