Dear Fran (The early years)



It’s time to get back to some more letters to Miss Frances Fairfield of Hornell, NY. As you know Fran is involved with Bob and they’ve had quite a few twists and turns on their path of life. The last letter I posted from Bob to Fran was from 1940. This letter is the earliest letter I have from Bob to Fran. Bob wrote this letter on September 17, 1935. Try and think of it as Fran having a flash back to when she was first getting to know Bob.



Dear Fran,

Sure, I am quite sure we can come down. Do you want me to ask Bud or are you going to?

Doris Edythe knows about it, hope so, because I want her to go with me.

If I write a note, will you give it to her? You had better.

Is Chet coming to? Hope so. Say, is Arlene still bothering you? I will write to her when I find time, but in the mean time you can tell her for me to go jump in the lake.

I sure think Edythe is swell, wish you had gotton her for me the first time.

No, We didn’t see Tony, but we got a ride with some fellows we knew from here.

Sure we can be there by eight or I hope we can. Well, will close for now.

A Friend


P.S. I won’t let Bud know about it.



Well, well, well…. They were just friends and Bob liked someone else. He had his eyes on Doris Edythe. Who knows who Fran was thinking about then, but it doesn’t seem to be Bud. This letter is kind of vague and it sure would be nice if we knew what Fran wrote to Bob before he sent this letter to her… But this we do know, Bob and Fran are going to see each other, even if they are with other people right now.

It’s funny how life turns out, and how couples are often formed through friends of friends. The ones that you never think will end up together, well, they end up together.


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