Dearest Fran

Dearest Fran - Rochester

Prelude: The letters continue from Bob to Miss Frances Fairfield. This letter was written on December 4, 1938. Bob’s last letter was from June of 1938. So here we are 6 months later and Bob is living in Rochester, NY.



Dearest Fran,

Well, you’re gone an hour and I’m lonesome as anything.  My friend the crooner is sure liking tonight- I don’t know whether you will be able to read this or not, as I forgot to bring any other pencil than this and it’s sort of like a crayon.  I hope your mother wasn’t mad at you, getting in so late, but I hated to see you go- I hope you didn’t mind my not kissing you- I wanted to bad enough, so I’ll just use Monday’s kiss tonight and it will make me one short all week. So happy over now that I’m way over here and alone.  I appreciate all the nights that you were with me and am so grateful that we have made the most of our time together. It’s kind of a good thing we didn’t carry out our plan for today as this would have been a funny way to spend our first night- The land lady was here and I paid her the dollar, leaving me a dollar a day ‘til Friday- Gee!

This summer was swell- in fact everything has been, if only you could be here all would be complete- I miss you darling and will continue to until I see you and kiss you. The Paper is drawing to a close but not me, I’ve just started.  I hope you’ll go down and see mom once in a while.  Well, I’m going to take hike tomorrow and see if I can’t find a little better place- It’s not my idea of a place to spend 5 nights a week- It was a different event in Brooklyn, I was learning much but now I think I can afford something a little better.  It isn’t at all my idea of the place I thought I’d stay when I got working. However, It will have to do ‘till I find something.

I love you- that keeps running through my noggin so, I guess it’s time I put it down. I’ll wait ‘till morning to mail this as I have no key and it wouldn’t do to wake the house tonight.  However, I’m writing it tonight- Well it’s time I quit and went to bed. I love you darling and will work hard for you starting tomorrow-

I love you.




This is an interesting letter. It seems that Fran came for a visit and stayed a few nights, but I’m not sure where. Bob seems to be renting a room in someone’s home. We have to remember that this was 1938 and young women didn’t just stay at young men’s places at least I don’t think they did. Anyway, it seems that Bob has fallen deeply in love with Fran as he tells her he loves her three times in this letter. It’s interesting to see how their relationship is developing considering we know how it ends up. What do you think?

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