Dearest Fran (From Rochester)

Dearest Fran Rochester 2

Prelude: The letters to Miss Frances Fairfield continue… This letter from Bob was written only three days after his last letter, December 8, 1938. Bob is now living in Rochester, while Frances is home with her parents in Hornell. Not a long distance by today’s standard, but I sure it was quite a trek in 1938.



Dearest Fran!

Just got home -11pm- went to a 15-cent show, ‘twas lousy- Got your letter- I’m not slipping, I always get around to writing you every day but it’s the mailing I miss out on.  I was sorry you couldn’t come and I dashed right home to see if you were and got the letter, but it will be a short time anyway so I’ll see you – Oh yeah, I almost forgot if you come up Friday afternoon and are here at 5, stop at the place we stopped when we got the interview, you remember? And I’ll be right out at 5. Oh yeah, about the job I’m still very much enthused but there is so much to tell, I’ll wait and tell you when I see you- OK?

So, you’re going over to Mom’s.  I’m glad to hear it even if I was the instigator and here should cement a strong and lasting friendship.  I only hope you get in- she’ll probably be so far inside the radio that she won’t hear anyone at the door.

Hope you pass your test- I love you darling an awful lot and I’m fairly busting to hold you close and kiss you and well, you know ‘cause you must feel as I do. Well darling, so long for now and I love you.

X for ya       Bob



As we watch this relationship develop, I can’t help but wonder how Frances feels. Because we only have the letters that were written to Frances and not the letters she sent to Bob; we’re left with many unanswered questions.  Is Frances as crazy about Bob as Bob is crazy about her?  Does she write him as many letters and he writes her? What do her parents think? They let her go to Rochester to see him, but how often?  There are two sides to this relationship and we’re only seeing one.




Just for fun, I looked up what the fashions were for 1938 and found a few pictures:

Unknown  images  Unknown-1

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