Dearest Fran (Rochester 5)

Dearest Fran (Rochester 5)

Christmas Cards to Fran's Family

Prelude: It’s almost Christmas in 1938 and Bob is still writing to Miss Frances Fairfield. This short letter was written on December 19, 1938 from Rochester, NY. I’ve also included a picture of a few Christmas cards that were in the box with Fran’s letter collection. There were no envelopes with the cards so, I don’t know if they were addressed to Fran or her parents.


Dearest Fran,

I hope you arrived home safely and received my letter today- Any news?

I didn’t get any letter from you today so, I guess you didn’t get home in time- Mind you now with all the people home from school.

Oh! In the event of your coming over to shop, don’t come Wednesday because the stores are open every night except Wednesday. I think I’ll run up town and do some looking.

Had a beast of a dinner tonight- ham –etc- and SPINACH, wow! ‘Twas good. Well there’s not much more I can think of for now, but will write you tomorrow again.  I love you dearest and miss you.  Are you coming up this week, other than Friday?

G’night. Love ya,



I only have three more letters from Bob to Miss Frances Fairfield; one more very important letter that was written in December, but I’m not sure which day and a couple I just found that were written while Bob was back in school at Pratt University in Brooklyn. As far as this letter goes, it’s pretty simple. He’s really missing seeing Fran and it sounds as if he looks forward to every visit she makes to see him in Rochester. It’s a short-long-distance relationship and Bob writes as if he’s having everyday normal conversation.  Christmas is only a few days away, but I’m not sure they will be spending the day together. Such is life and love in 1938.

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