Dearest Fran (Rochester 4)

Dearest Fran (Rochester 4)

Prelude: The letters from Bob to Miss Frances Fairfield continue. Fran seems to visit Bob in Rochester quite often. This letter was written on December 19, 1938 and Bob writes a note at the top of the letter that says, “Sunday night after you’ve gone.”


Dearest Fran,

I hated very much to see you go- and am very sorry I forgot to get you gas. It’s a good thing I thought of it, as I’m sure you wouldn’t have said anything about it and I really didn’t mean to make you get it. I had a swell time home.  I’m glad you stayed and ate at our house instead of going away.  I’m sorry I couldn’t think of anything I wanted for Xmas, but anything you’d get for me would be treasured and appreciated so, don’t let it worry you. I’ll miss you Christmas and wish you would stay over and have your Xmas at our house, you know everyone and I’m sure you’d have a good time. We’ll go to any of the dances you want to. I only hope that I am home long enough so that you can go to all you want to of them.  I set my clocks ahead so I’ll get up early, but I can never forget that it’s early and when it rings, I lay there and say, I should get up now, but the clock is 15 minutes fast so, I lay in bed and consequently have to run.  This will be a long week with no Wednesday night. It would be nice if you could come over and run them a few stores.

Well, there’s not much more to say so I think I’ll go to bed. Good night darling and I love you very much.



These letters between Bob and Fran are painting us a picture of their relationship that lets us peek into the lives of two ordinary people living in the late 1930’s. I love that these letters were written around the same time of year that it is now… just 79 years later. They are getting ready for Christmas and making plans for holiday dances and gatherings. Bob of course wants Fran to spend Christmas with him and his family, but it looks like she is going to spend it at home with her family instead. I’m not sure how deep they are into their relationship when this letter was written, but I promise with the next few letters I have to post and a special link I found that you will understand more about what happened in their lives.

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