Dear Emmy

Dear Emmy

Prelude: I don’t have a lot of information to the origins of this letter. I believe it was written in the late 1930’s because it was with a few of the other letters in a bundle I acquired that were written to Emma/Emmy. This letter is from a man named Walter.



Dear Emmy,                                                                Sunday afternoon

Please forgive me for the way I acted and treated you last Friday evening. Never did I realize until last Saturday that there are others in the world besides me.

Friday, you saw me as I really am – a selfish, infantile fool intent on gaining my own pleasure and self-satisfaction, disregarding the feelings of everyone else.

In this game of life, I have cheated, taken short cuts and broken many rules; unwilling to conquer and surmount the obstacles which presented themselves.

What a fool I am. What a heel you must think I am after the way I answered and treated you – driving through the streets like a madman, caring not whether I smashed the car or injured someone.

Only two weeks ago I told you that I didn’t think there were any decent girls left.  Let me retract this statement.

Last Saturday, I found a girl who exemplifies all the traits I desire in a girl.  This girl is a good sport, clean-cut, understanding, likeable, good company and a swell pal to have on any occasion, and to think that I treated her the way I did – causing her to shoulder the blame which I alone am responsible for.

To you Emmy, I offer my most humble and sincere apology and ask your forgiveness.

To you I promise that I shall never act up as I have previously and conduct myself as you would have me.

I shall attempt to square matters up with Mrs. Cook’s sister.

To a swell girl and pal



COMMENTARY: Well, last week’s letter from Tony was really boring, but this week’s letter from Walter is not! Walter sounds like he acted like a big jerk. After reading this letter the big question is –  What did she ask him? What did she say that made him drive through the streets like a madman? Oh, I wonder what it was! I’d love to hear your best guess. At least he attempts an apology. Oh, and what did he do to Mrs. Cook’s sister? What do you think?


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