Dear Emma

Dear Emma

Prelude: This letter was written by someone named Tony to a woman named Emma. It was written in Spencer, New York on December 22nd 1937.  There was no envelope so, I  am not sure where Emma is located, but there is a reference to Wmsville, which could be Williamsville, Pennsylvania.



Dear Emma,

This letter will be short because by this time you must be quite tired from hard work and won’t want to read too much.

It won’t be long now and will I be glad.  Have done only a small part of Xmas shopping. Exercises are Thurs. P. M.  so that will be one thing over with.

The trip home turned out o.k., got home at 3:30, didn’t start from Wmsville until 12:07.

The map helped out fine.  I’m going to keep it so as to find the way next time.

You should know by now if and when you can come do maybe I’ll have your letter before you get this, hope so.

Too bad you mother feels the way she does about your coming but I can understand it all because of your mother being so much like mine and other things so much the same.

Enjoyed the visit at your house very much.  Maybe I’ll come again sometime.

This deal we thought of was quite an idea, you know, trading Mama for you some week.  Your mother wouldn’t miss you so much as otherwise and I think they would find a lot in common to talk about, for on, I think, people from across have in common is a great interest in people in their own circumstances.  It’s so plain to see your mother misses the companionship of her own relatives and countrymen.

Well, here’s expecting a little message from you soon.  Sent a package same time as this letter which I hope you receive unharmed.

There isn’t much snow yet and no skating but maybe there will be.  So Christmas vacation holds a lot in anticipation.  Do you feel that way about it?

Mama talked all the way home about her trip.  Haven’t heard where Wilma is yet. Don’t you think this was enough for a shot letter?

Lots of love,



This is an interesting little letter that is really about nothing. He seems to talk about the letter being short and his Mama more than anything else. I do wonder what was in the package he sent…Maybe a Christmas present? I wonder what a Christmas present in 1937 was? Anyway, it’s a little voice from the past that can make us imagine what it was like to live in another time. What do you think?

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