Dear Mrs. Menchan

Dear Mrs. Menchan

Prelude: This is a letter from a dentist, Dr. H.H. Winkler of the Painless Parker Dental Practice. It was written on July 22, 1937 to a Mrs. Menchan of San Pedro, California. Painless Parker has several offices all over the west coast. This letter is from the San Pedro office.



Dear Mrs. Menchan:                                                              July 22, 1937


When you recently had some dental work done at this office, there was other needed work which you decided to have done at a future date.


This letter is to remind you of the importance of having this dentistry taken care of, and to urge that you make arrangements as early as possible so that work may proceed.


Good dentistry means so much from the stand-point of health and comfort.  On the other hand, neglected teeth are certain to mean poor health, if not actual sickness and disease.  Delay so often results in added trouble, and greater expense.


Will you kindly communicate with this office as soon as possible for an appointment, to have this important work completed?


Very Truly Yours

H. H. Winkler. Mgr.

Painless Parker, Dentist





Well, don’t we all love a letter from our dentist! Basically, get your butt in here and get the work I started done. Today, it might be a phone call or an email, but most dentist will still call you to get your work finished. Why is it we just don’t like going to the dentist? Who wants someone playing around in their mouth? Not me! Anyway, it’s an interesting letter from the 1930’s. What do you think?

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