Dear Fran (Early years)

Dear Fran (Early years)

Prelude: Here is another letter to Miss Frances Fairfield. It was written in 1935 while she was still in High school and before her and Bob were together. Frances was seeing a guy named Bud, but this letter was written by a guy named Bernie. Bernie is from Wellsville and He and Frances corresponded quite a bit.


Dear Fran,

Just a few short lines to send you an apology. Which I think I owe you.  Please forgive me for being so rude Friday evening when I talked to you.  The reason I did act that way was because I knew if I started talking very much I might say something that you might take wrong and cause trouble between you and Bud. You see, as you probably well remember, I’m always putting my foo t in to it by saying something I shouldn’t.  So, that is why I’m sending an apology. It was really the only reason for my being rude.

After being rude, I couldn’t very well tell you that I think you’re nicer than ever. I really do.

How’s your family and grandmother? Say “Hello” to them for me. Maybe some time I’ll drop in for a chat. I’d like to. Especially, to talk to you again for a while.

Please don’t say anything to Bud about my writing this. There is nothing wrong in what I’ve said and what he don’t know won’t hurt him.  He’s a swell kid, but every now and then I almost crown him and then we get to talking and I can’t help but laugh at the crazy nut.

Suppose your surprised to hear that Wayne & I didn’t click and so I’ve been quite a pansy.  I don’t go for the girls like I did when I was that way about you.  In fact, I don’t believe I’ve been out more than three times since I quit going to Hornell.

Well, here I’ve only meant to way a few words of apology and I’m over on the fourth page already.  Hope you don’t mind.

Are you still going steady with Bud?  I shouldn’t have said that. It’s none of my business.

I wish I had the nerve to ask you to answer, but as you said Bud wouldn’t like it so, I’ll have to do without.  Anyway, I meant to say “Happy Birthday,” in September and didn’t dare.

As Ever,



Fran was such a catch. Bernie just wants her to be his girl but she is not available and he can hardly stand it.  Young love is so full of emotion and it’s funny to see what Bernie is will to say to a girl that he wishes he could be with. I only wish we knew what kind of a response Fran gave him.  If nothing else, we know she saved his letter, cause here it is. What do you think?

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