Dearest Fran (From Rochester 2)

Dearest Fran (From Rochester 2)

Prelude: Another letter from Bob to Miss Frances Fairfield… This one is written on December 9th, 1938 and it’s the third letter he wrote that week. His letters are coming from an address at 4 Durgin Street, in Rochester, NY.



Dearest Fran!

Got your swell letter! Thanks a lot for not missing once this week.  I look forward to them to no end- I have definitely decided not to come back to his room but I don’t know where I’ll go to but it won’t be here!

I miss you more than ever.  I dread to think of how I’d be if I were in New York instead of Rochester.  At nine-thirty I was just getting home from dinner.  I did not leave the office until 7- In fact, If I had not been anxious to read your letter, I’d be there yet.  I think- in fact, one of the fellows went when I just came past.  Gee! It’s swell of you to cart mom around like that, I bet she doesn’t even miss me. Gee darling, I love you and I think of you all the time and of all the fun it’s been to know and love you. And am looking forward eagerly to the time when I can hold you close and whisper in your ear and kiss ya. In fact, my kisses are about all used up for this week and I think I am going to require an advance- So get ready.  Gee, I miss a car. If I had one, I could hop in some night after work and be home for supper.

How’s everyone? Well, I was just thinking, you’ll have this by the time I’m home so, I guess I’ll quit.  I love you dearest, more than anything and I’m praying that tomorrow will pass quickly, ‘till five anyway. G’Night darling.

I love you,



Well, Bob is all in! With each letter he writes, we see how head-over-heels he is with Miss Frances. He’s not holding back anymore. It only serves to make me wonder even more what Miss Frances is writing to him. The distance between them is really not that far, but without the means to be with each other it might as well be hundreds of miles. In 1938 not everyone had a car, and Bob is one of the average young men without one. He’ll just have to wait to see his beloved Frances. At least for now they have the letters they send back and forth.



Here is a google link to “4 Durgin Street, Rochester, NY”:,+Rochester,+NY+14605/@43.172639,-77.6212135,15z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x89d6b4464c848611:0x4a173a0f65c39dda!2s4+Durgin+St,+Rochester,+NY+14605!3b1!8m2!3d43.1727376!4d-77.6210599!3m4!1s0x89d6b4464c848611:0x4a173a0f65c39dda!8m2!3d43.1727376!4d-77.6210599

It does not look like a very old house to me… but who knows.

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