Dearest Fran (Rochester 3)

Dearest Fran Rochester 3

Prelude: It’s December 1938, Bob is living and working in Rochester, New York and Fran lives with her parents in Hornell, New York. This letter is one, in a series of letters that Bob is writing to Fran. It is dated December 15, 1938. He writes to her almost daily and we know that she has come to visit him from reading this letter and his previous letters.




Dearest Fran,

Well, one more day and I’ll see you again.  It was swell of you to come up last night. I hope you got home ok. I guess I would have heard if you hadn’t.  I’ll look for you at 5 tomorrow night and then we’ll eat and shop and then maybe a show, then home. I miss you very much darling and think of you every minute. I know I haven’t done as well at my job as I might have.  I just can’t get used to it, not interested.  I hope I can soon, as it’s a rare opportunity.  I just can’t seem to realize it’s what I’ve always wanted- but they are awfully nice to me and I enjoy it.

How’s everyone?  I’m sorry that New York called you about your reports. I’m sure people would understand, were they to know what was on our minds. I didn’t get any mail today so, I guess you didn’t get home in time to write me.

This is what happens when you write with your chin on the desk. Try it sometime.

Gosh, I’ll be glad to see you again. Easy aces one and so I’ll stop a while.

Well, I think I’ll be off to bed tonight so, so long.  Bed after I swim I mean. Maybe I’ll get around to writing you again before I go to bed.  I love you dearest and will always.

So long, see you tomorrow,



COMMENTARY: Bob and Fran are deep in a relationship.  It seems to me that the distance between Rochester and Hornell is wearing on Bob. He’s not really happy at his job and he spends his evenings writing letters to Fran. I’m not sure what the “Easy aces…” line means but It was all I could get from Bob’s handwriting.  What do you think?



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